Green Environment Tyre Recycle
Green Environment Tyres (Tires) Recycle (GETR) has been recycling and processing 120,000 waste scrape tires in year since 2010. This company has been established to meet environmental standard with zero waste and pollution free.
Now the company is reaching around 1,000,000 tires per year

The recycle plant production capacity reached 36,000 tons per year.
Our commitment is quality and perfect customer service to in international standard and 
environmental friendly methodology.
Our products are tire shred, tire rings and tyre cut pieces.

We have along experience in landfill of tires processing with all sizes of tires. 
We have all the capability to do so please contact us for landfill operation. 
Green Environment Tyre Recycle
Thoban, Fujairah
United Arab Emirates