Green Environment Tyre Recycle

Environmental issues regarding waste tyre disposal has been a taunting problem for most of the countries. Most of the time worn tyres have been dumped at vacant areas causing major environmental issues. At present there is no system in place to recycle scrap tyres, either it is dumped at places or exported to Asian countries for recycling. Dumping of Tyres has been a threat for human health. Stacks of discarded tyres were involved many major fire break outs which lasted for several days and these are hard to extinguish.

A recent report came in Gulf news stressed the importance of recycling the used tyre effectively. The article says that there are over 25 million used tyres in Abu Dhabi alone and these are dumped illegally in landfills and desert areas, posing a grave environmental hazard.

The report reflects that these dumping happen because of absence of a proper waste disposal mechanism. Disposal of worn tyres has been an issue all over the world. There is a substantial increase in motor vehicles every year and this has caused an increased number of worn tyres.

According to BMI it is estimated that the total automotive sales in UAE amounted to 154,000 in 2006 which is 33% growth over 2005. The high living standard and increasing population in UAE have lead to the dynamic increase in number of motor vehicles, producing more worn tyres. These used tyres should be recycled, as otherwise the disposal of these will be a major problem and a threat to the environment.

The waste tyres are very cheap and easily available. They can be recycled and the rubber produced from this can be used for different purposes. A tyre recycling plant is a good business since no one has started such plants in UAE. The promoters want to seize this opportunity and make best use of the first mover advantage.

Tyre recycled rubber is much cheaper than the fresh rubber. It costs one third of the fresh rubber and has variety of uses. The recycled rubber is mainly used for tiles and tile adhesives, mixing with asphalt, sports surfaces, carpet underlay, noise and vibration insulation, play ground and matting. In Asia there are many manufacturers who make these products and the demand for recycled rubber is high.

Green Environment Tyre Recycle
Thoban, Fujairah
United Arab Emirates